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In a nutshell

My name is Vladimir Stanković, genus Homo Sapiens, order Primates. If you want to learn more, read some texts on my blog.

Welcome to internethics (internet + ethics) - a blog about the relationship between humans and modern technologies.

The Internet, digital devices and media have permanently changed the way we think, communicate, work and live. Like never before, technology has taken up a dominant role in human lives. 

The way we relate to tools has changed through history and had its ups and downs. 

Yet, this is the first time humankind can no longer control further development and advance in technology and the future shaped by it due to its biological limitations.

This is not a luddite's moaning, but rather an attempt to shed a light on our relationship with modern technology so that we can continue using it as any other tool - to enhance the quality of human life!