When Masks Fall Off

The year 2025. Somewhere on the planet Earth. News headlines

Controversies about a new Russian vaccine do not subside. Although the US acknowledge that clinical testing confirmed its successful protection from record 53 mutations of Covid-19, it allegedly causes female infertility.

Vladimir Putin claims Trump manipulates the public to combat internal political issues in the US, trying to by premeditated spinning to postpone presidential elections for a fifth time in a row.

Pandemic fails to ease off. The number of infected rises. Total population on Earth - 10 billion.

Brazil to put on sale land lots in Amazonia. It triggers a public outcry against conversion of farmlands into construction sites. Čume denies all influence peddling allegations.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to donate US$ 6 billion earned from vaccine sale for clinical testing of new types of coronavirus in Africa on the people infected with AIDS.

Belgium reinforces its troops on the French border. The former Szengen zone before a complete collapse. Hungary to set up a 5m wall on its border with Serbia to prevent the trespass of migrants and Covid-infected persons.

Violent clashes in Czech Republic between maskers and anti-maskers. Global armistice failed after the flat-earthers' fled negotiations due to term "global" being used in the document title.

Google has introduced a smart mask with bionic chipset, that recognizes non-vaccinated persons within 1km range. It reacts by flash and sound to high virus concentration in the air.

The government troops in India stormed the rebellious village that refuses to wear protective masks. Officially, there are more than 50 civilian and 5 SWAT casualties.

A man shot in an attempt to illegally cross the border without a negative PCR test.

An unmasked man robbed a pharmacy store, threatening to sneeze into the central air-condition. He escaped with 1,000 packages of masks and 100 antiseptics. The pharmacists witnessed: "It was horrible, he had a running nose and intermittent cough lapses, snapping uncontrollably a loose and dirty handkerchief. As I was hiding behind the desk, a thought struck me that I might never see my kids again."

For a third year in a row, eSports records higher number of spectators than the UEFA Champions League. Christiano Ronaldo's avatar in the latest PES 2025 v. was pronounced the MVP and took the prestigious award.

"Life is a constant development and self-perfection" says the former director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra who discovered a new vocation - writing scores for singing fountains.

A 5th grade student of the primary school Branko Ćopić awarded a reading badge for reading 3 consecutive issues of the Hogar the Horrible comic.

Ad from the e-School portal: Ensure your child attends the school he/she deserves. Our school offers the fastest Internet connection, the latest Professor software 2.5 release, a hologram-equipped Google classroom, extracurricular student hangouts in VR chat rooms, free webinars of Luna Đogani and Anastasija Ražnatović (Serbian Cardashians), online social games and cardio workout by Kristian Golubović (Serbian criminal and reality star) with a CatchUp option, streaming of recommendations for preparing healthy snacks. 10% discount by the end of the 3rd peak of the 35th wave, Gratis - Academy Oxford, nail treatment course

Notorious Tik Tokker, TV Tabis, reported a record-breaking billion viewers in his Live, as he was successfully keeping a ping-pong ball in the air for 60 seconds by blowing hard. The largest number of viewers were under 18 years of age.

The NYC Zoo claims to have successfully cloned the last remaining polar bear and the Bengal tiger. For only US$ 10 per month you can access live cameras and watch all animals 24x7.

The 5th Fair of cyber erotic and virtual accessories held in Budapest.

Elon Musk has a strong message after the successful landing of first settlers on Mars: "I won't stop here. I am getting back to Earth as early as in 2030 to launch the construction of a new human colony on the Moon".

Job vacancies:

  • drone specialist for repairing Amazones overnight delivery drones
  • licenced streamer of online curriculum
  • shop assistant in a protective gear dry cleaner's store
  • licenced e-psychiatrist
  • 3rd grade gamer with a completed Sony or EA specialist course
  • creator of funny Tik Tok memes
  • water factory seeks a technologist specialized in cold pressing of cactuses
  • e-surgeon
  • old people's e-commerce assistant
  • neonatal nurse for online assistance via Zoom

Online tutorial: Take your tooth out safely and painlessly in the warmth of your home

New online course for future dads: Help your wife give birth and earn respect of all your neighbours. Epidural included in the price!

Serbia committed to cut the share of job positions that demand physical presence to 10% by 2030

Tate Modern Gallery in London starts exhibiting all its items online as of September

China to install its 6G transmitters in the bowels of the Earth, at 10km depth. Si Jinping claims: There is no more space in the skies for our satellites

Amazon's Alex passed the Turing test and won the Talent Show. The judges failed to notice AI's presence.

Jeff Bezos uploaded his memory to Amazon Cloud, turning himself into the first cloud-based human replica

A miracle on the Danube river: a catfish caught alive at Bezdan

Scandal: a man with no social network profile applied for a job at a famous IT company

Infamous - an unmarried 16-year-old couple caught off guard, without protective gear, enjoying an intimate embrace in the central park

AirBnB's 4-star rated landlord managed to rent his apartment in downtown Manhattan for US$100 per month

A lifebelt for the poor: the Universal Basic Income introduced. George III Soros purchased 20 ha on Mars and 5 ha on the Moon

The last remaining 2D printing office in the world closed

Police broke in and put to a halt an unannounced indoor gathering of 12 people. The owner of the estate pleads guilty and feels remorse, claiming he just wanted to celebrate his patron's day (St. Nicolas) in a traditional way, by inviting friends and family to his home.

A customer brought a lawsuit against Aliexpress, demanding a million dollar indemnity for a 2-day delayed delivery of a package from China, due to a drone crash in the Ukraine air space.

New optional subjects in schools starting from this year - Zadruga and Farma (notorious Serbian reality shows)                                         

iPhone introduced new interactive lenses - Cyborg 2. Satellite Wi-Fi, 6G, Apple Knowledge Base, compatibility with other non-Chinese lenses manufacturers, both eyes at the price of one, old-for-new replacement subject to an extra fee

Buy your own tight-sealed, virus-proof airline transporter. Fly safe and sound. Transport to the airport provided free of charge

Summer of 2025 - have an unforgettable vacation on your own or with your family at the exotic Greenland's Melting Beach, in your own hut. Money back guarantee in case of an unsolicited encounter with other human guests.

May we be all alive and healthy, that's all that matters...